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Milcris is synonymous with TRUST, the COMPLETE TRUST that clients place in us to provide construction consultancy services.

Milcris Private Limited is an international construction cost, claim and project management consultancy company, providing innovative and customer-tailored professional services to hundreds of clients in the Sultanate of Oman and Sri Lanka. Milcris has a long legacy of 20 years of excellent service in these countries. We are happy to be regulated by the prestigious Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in the United Kingdom. Milcris (Oman) is an ISO 9001:2015 certified practice in addition to being Regulated by RICS.

“Knowledge, Experience and Excellence” is our theme and we strive to provide world-class international professional services with local delivery.

Being regulated by RICS, conveys the company's technical aptitude in providing professional services to our clients with the highest professional and ethical standards. This is the cornerstone of our Business Philosophy.

The forte

We strive for the best outcome through our team efforts to deliver effective and successful solutions for clients who have confidently placed their trust in us. We aim to build on that confidence to develop long-term relationships with our clients.

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Our vision

To lead in providing unique and innovative construction consultancy solutions.

Our mission

Bringing value for money to our clients by providing professional and effective consultancy solutions.

Our Chairman's Message

Never before has it been more important for clients, design engineers, building contractors, contract managers and cost consultants to develop strategic relationships and work more collaboratively with each other.

The volatility of the global economy and the uncertainty in the real estate sector have brought to light the importance of assessing construction costs accurately whilst providing innovative solutions and delivering the best value to our clients.

The role of the Project Manager, Cost Consultant and Quantity Surveyor in such a collaborative environment is paramount, by efficiently managing projects, guiding and controlling costs and maintaining business ethics and integrity at every stage of the project.

Milcris is one such well-established, reputed organisation, committed to providing clients with the best Contract and Cost Management advice including Project Control Mechanisms, Project Management and Design & Supervision Consultancy services from inception to completion. This commitment of Milcris is reflected as they are regulated by RICS, UK and being an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

Seven seas company Is privileged to being associated with Milcris In their contribution to Oman’s ambitious development drive in the construction sector.

Seven seas company is privileged to being associated with Milcris in their contribution to Oman’s ambitious development drive in the construction sector.

His Highness Sayyid Shihab Bin Tariq Al Said

Chairman, Seven Seas Company

Message from CEO

It is a proud achievement - a professionalism that has gained us an intimate understanding of our customers and industry and enabled us to rapidly grow our business in the Gulf and Sri Lanka and target the penetration of new markets in the rest of asia and europe.

Sunil Ponnamperuma

Chief Executive Officer

Milcris, is a Construction Consultancy Company, guided by a singular vision of providing unique and innovative Construction Consultancy Solutions for construction projects to ensure value for money for Clients in the rapidly transforming industry.

We have mastered delivering excellence by competitively differentiating ourselves in the industry through four essential drivers, each addressing both, immediate and long-term goals we must achieve in satisfying our clients whilst bringing growth and success to Milcris.

OUR FUTURE is secure as long as we understand that change is a challenge. Experience is the fundamental resource that keeps us flexible and adaptable. We are vigilant and quick to regularly improve our systems, procedures, and technologies and never hesitant to welcome new systems which are the fundamentals to growth and success.

OUR APPROACH is summed up in our tagline ‘relationships beyond measure’, listening carefully to your needs and wants, sharing concerns, and meeting the expectations of our clients within the ethical frame. Client care and client satisfaction is our utmost priority.

OUR WAY OF WORKING has the goal of delivering excellence through value for money. We continually monitor and analyse our operations with the aim of improving quality, efficiency and performance in all angles. Our keys to achieving our brand name is a commitment to improvement, flexibility and client care.

OUR SPIRIT is focused on the will to excel, where each member of our organisation benefits from the presence of the others and all combined bring about the desired results through global best practices that would not be possible for one alone. Asians, Europeans, Middle Easterners - Milcris represents unity in diversity.

Thank you for your expression of interest and on behalf of myself and the entire Milcris team, we look forward to working with you.

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