Independent Monitoring Surveying (IMS)

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Milcris' Independent Monitoring Surveying (IMS) provides a professional service which is an essential part of the wider project team, which will support the successful delivery of any development. As part of a debt funding agreement between a developer/ contractor and a financial institution, there is often a requirement for an IMS to represent, review and oversee the financing of a project on behalf of the Lender(s). Milcris’ IMS services fulfil the requirement of the highest quality advice, tailored to the Lender’s needs, established through an agreed ‘scope of service.

Our primary obligation relates to the independent technical due diligence of a project, assessing the initial risks and thereafter monitoring the progress of the project, assessing the incipient risks and approving debt drawdown from a technical perspective in accordance with the agreed lending terms. We influence the project positively to ensure that the lender’s interest and exposure is properly considered, providing ongoing observation, opinion and confirming sufficient funds for the project while providing following services.

  • Project due diligence reports for the Lender’s Financial institutions.
  • Validation of cost to complete reports.
  • Regular project monitoring services in project funding arrangements between the funder and the developer.
  • Contractor’s delivery capability and experience.
  • Close project monitoring in project loan utilisation for contractors.

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