Post contract quantity surveying

During Construction success depends on controlling cost

Milcris has rendered and continues to render post contract supervision stage services as the client appointed QS for many landmark projects. Milcris project QSs are committed to providing highly ethical and professional services, managing and reporting the project costs within contractual aspects of the projects. The following are among the services we offer.

Proper cost management systems for the post contract stage

  • Verifying the compliance of the bonds and insurances
  • Setting up of procedures to administer/verify materials on site/ off site
  • Implementing checklists, logs and other procedures and processes in line with the nature of the project
  • Providing contractual advice

Payment Certification

  • Advance payments and Interim payments
  • Ad hoc Payments
  • Final Accounts
  • Retention & Advance payment adjustments
  • Liquidated damages adjustments

Change Management & Change Control

  • Order of magnitude estimates
  • Validation & Valuation of Variations
  • Change impact reporting
  • Update & Maintenance Change / claims logs

Financial Reporting

  • Update project anticipated Final Account
  • Payment status
  • Cash-flow updates

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